Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why you shouldn't read!

You'd be thinking this guy has gone crazy. In fact to post such a contradictory proposition on a blog, a medium which encourages reading, might be seen as a felony. But yet I'd affirm what the title says. The more you read, the more trouble you bring to yourself and the more imperfect you keep on becoming. Now if till this juncture you maintain I'm not a complete douchebag, you just have to read what follows.

The world, as we know today, is largely constructed around two fake stories. These stories were propounded many centuries ago, and they formed the bulwark of how the world chose to shape itself later on. It's not that men didn't refute these two fake stories as we progressed. But it's just that as these stories found more and more buyers, such men were ostracized because the stories had suddenly become too incontrovertible to be questioned anymore. And so the world went on. Generations after generations, the stories kept finding more followers, more preachers, more adulators and most importantly, more practitioners who buttressed the worth of these stories because their very future depended on the success these stories were to have. And those two stories, ladies and gentlemen, literally shaped the landscape of not only mankind, but the whole planet. Man reigns supreme over everything today, or at least these stories make him believe that! And now the two stories have become so deeply etched in our minds that someone like me, who at this point of time is making a very meager attempt to rebut them,  may automatically come across as the dunce of the century. But if you still believe I may not be the worst, keep reading for the two stories that are now larger than even the perpetuity of time! 

The first story is that of an all encompassing, superior figure; His prowess, his valor and his deeds, are considered larger than all that nature endows us with! Duly manifested in consecration and piety, this story tells you to enshrine all your faith, and all your allegiance in one entity - the pinnacle of all cosmos and all that there is! This story, ladies and gentlemen, is of a tangible god! In fact so deeply embodied in this universal conscience is the story, that even out timelines are divided into Before one tangible god and after him extricating the planet. And the ingenuity of this story lies in the way the prime character of the story, a god who can be felt and even acquired, is actually an isomer. In fact religious masters and humdingers have full authority to modify this character's presence in their own version of the only constitution their comrades have to follow - the holy text! 

We in today's world glorify and then vilify and then again glorify god, as if he really was the character of a movie. While religious tenets prohibit adjudication of god, it's in the very nature in which god has been ensconced and formed as a result of countless efforts made by countless religious masters to turn god into yet another commodity which can be traded in places of worship. You walk with some god less, you spend time in the place or worship and you exhibit your faith, and you walk out with more god. And if by any chance you become a master of making people get more god with shrewder new ways; ways that not necessarily deem going to a temple Then you become a god man. And why do we slander godmen when our own understanding of god dictates that god has to be treated as human folk either in past or in present as well?

The second story is one that is closely associated with the first one. It's the story of value, duly present in the form of money. In the first footsteps taken by men and women alike, as they started inhabiting on the planet, value was what value was! There was no necessity to associate any other notions to value. The discoverer of fire or the wheel might not have even known what he or she did. But he/she would've died knowing he/she departed the world with something more than the world had before their arrival. Value was not quantified back then. Value was what could be felt and what could be passed on. Utility, intellect, patience, perseverance, and all other basic human qualities made our first understanding of value. And then as human populations exploded and civilizations mushroomed, value had to be taken to a whole new level. And hence the concept of exchange evolved. 

As innocuous as it could get, exchanges in the beginning were primarily subjective in the form of barter. It was left at the two involved parties to decide whether the notions and facets of exchange were apposite or not. If there were no qualms, deals proceeded and the parties benefited by gaining more value. So value was still intact. Then came the era of royal court issued currency. The denominations were scrupulously controlled and while value withered, some of its original charm and element was still intact. Items of more utility had more value and garish and gaudy items had lesser of them. People were still deeply involved in evaluation of effectiveness and value could be gauged nearly perfectly. And then came the era of rapid human progress. And suddenly, money assumed an identity of its own. 

Today, if you go out and sort items by value, you'd end up in a different arrangement than the one which you'd end up with if you were to sort items by their price tag. The most essential food items are the cheapest, and luscious and scrumptious food like items top the charts. The cost of brick and mortar to build a house, is far lower than the cost of land itself. The basic clothing you need to adorn, loses out to the ravissant brands which may give you just another layer of superfluous clothing to put on. And last but not the least, the most valued corporations in the world, are the ones that may not have any assets in the real sense of the world. All in all, money dragged us into the dungeons of a world where value is artificially created and even marketed. Utility and other aspects have gone for a toss. And now value is determined by money ascribed to an entity by a complex network of international exchanges, payment gateways and an entire melange of financial institutions. And real value has taken the last seat on the plane, ready to be jettisoned any time now. 

These two stories have made the world a very fragile place to live on. While our concept of god is a very flexible but frail one, thereby making god both irrefutable by one and questionable by other faiths at the same time. The concept of money further exacerbates the problem because trade too, which is the only other thing we consider other than god, is debased by artifice and subterfuge. In essence while these two stories are considered responsible for all progress we've made till date, maybe the same two concepts are responsible for why we may have progressed only by a percentage of what some people on some distant planet might have, and who would already be on their way to come and take over us because we're now officially the biggest fools on the planet! Now either you walk away believing how big a cretin you and your ancestors have been, or associating the same traits with me. But I don't care. I do know I've been fooled!

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