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Mossad - Israel's invincible hitman!

As a nation, Israel might hold various connotations depending upon who is considering them. Antisemitism could comprise of  pretty substantial portion of people because they consider Judaism to be a sacrilege in itself. Hence most of the middle east as well as most of the European world(tacitly, of course) holds quite a rather staunch animosity against the current occupants of the holy land. On the other end of the spectrum is the United States which considers Israel as a pivotal ally in its Middle East policy execution, duly enshrined in their political, diplomatic and military ties. Further, there are countries like India and China whose position vacillates and is largely dependent on our own interests. And finally, there are people who are neutral in their orientation on this rather turbulent subject of Israel v/s Middle East, but who surely are fascinated by how this minuscule set of dots on the map, went on to become the mightiest force of the Middle East. 

The onus of protecting the country shortly after the massive conquest of the 1948 Israel Arab war, which Israel shocked the whole world by being triumphant in, came on the shoulders of the country's multiple military wings. Most of the intelligence was gathered and dutifully disseminated by IDF(Israel Defense Forces), the pinnacle at the integration of this fledgling state's military and security services. ShinBet/Shabak was assigned to be IDF's prime intelligence unit. 

Israel's history with its involvement in wars and with its insistence on its own independent Jerusalem is marred with bloodshed, frays and most intriguingly, human intelligence(Hum Int). Ever since the era of Gideon, the legendary fabled warrior, battles were waged and won with prior and credible human intelligence at the forefront of the Jewish strategy to outwit the belligerents. And about 20 centuries down the line, in 1949-50, Israel's intelligence gathering system was further restructured to produce an agency that would bring the innate human intelligence gathering capabilities of the Jews at the zenith again. Two agencies sprung out of this - Amaan and Mossad. The latter is what sends bolts across the spine of anyone who dares to even as much as conspire against the state of Israel. 

The more I have plunged and delved into how exactly was Israel able to topple the more than ever united Middle East in the 6 day war and the Yom Kippur war, the more I found out about the multiple impregnable covert operations Mossad has been able to carry out well in advance for the IDF to take on from and then to literally annihilate the many supreme powers of the Middle East. Israel has had to confront PLO, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda, Hezbollah, Hamas and many more countries and entities in the past. Israel had always been woefully outnumbered against all these enemies it took on at different times in the history. Experts attribute Israel's stupendous success to armory and support from US and the country's own surreal information gathering ability and military might. But at the heart of most of Israel's ruthless quest for its own survival has been Mossad!

Over the last few days, I've devoured a lot of content on this subject matter, and I came across many books, articles and documentaries that, in astonishing detail, have captured most of what Mossad does and how it does it. However even with surfeit of literature available, I'm bewildered to know how unaware most of us are of this lethal unassailable force that is taking up the most fatuously perilous missions and is accomplishing most of the set objectives, every other day. Hence I'm preparing these brief accounts of some of Mossad's most spine chilling adventures, which are bereft of most of the operational details and any bias towards Israel's own position at the helm of all its conflicts. These accounts are there to serve as an exordium to the utmost lack of fear and the enormous penchant for rampage and tractability that Mossad agents have got. 

Before we commence the series, here are a few Hebrew terms you'd have to familiarize yourselves with:

Katsa - Hebrew word for an agent/operative.

Kidon - A Mossad assassin

Sayanim - One or a set of local jews who have usual professions but who when called upon by Mossad, can provide intelligence as well as direct/indirect help to Mossad katsas involved in an operation. In short, this is a cell of Jews whose help can be called upon. They may be hotel butlers, drivers, travel agents and what not.

Knesset - The Israeli parliament.

Gideon - The mighty mythical warrior designated as the supreme pontiff in the Hebrew Bible's "Book of Judges"

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