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How Mossad's Mega made Bill Clinton dance on his toes

In the year 1997, when the world was going through quite some vortexes, a really big revelation struck multiple security agencies and inter agency bureaucrats in the US. The sudden death of the princess of Wales Diana(Which Mossad had a more than big a role to play in) had opened a Pandora's box of problems for the most powerful intelligence units including Britain's MI6, CIA, French DGSE and of course, Mossad. But back in the US, someone eavesdropped on a secure line telephone conversation between a Mossad undercover agent situated in the Israeli embassy in the US, and the director general of Mossad. There was reference to some hidden asset code named 'Mega' who was clearly situated deep enough inside the Clinton administration to be able to pass on some really secret documents of interest to Israel to some katsa.

While Israel and US intelligence agencies always shared a coquettish and rather phallic relationship in terms of taking down their common targets together, this presence of a 'Mega' agent at the helm of Clinton administration, jolted all agencies into the action with FBI taking the lead. Meanwhile, a discreet backdoor channel that exists between the Mossad to the CIA, which acts to expedite processes instead of the political traipsing that happens in matters of intelligence cooperation, was put to thorough scrutiny, with direct insinuations sent to Mossad to stop the 'Mega' affair. But Israel clearly denied any apostasy. 

Throughout the year, media leaks kept taking place and tabloids were full of what someone in CIA would sooner than latter term bushwa, but which surely wrecked the integrity of the US intelligence network, with headlines pummeling the Clinton administration for not only having a big Mossad mole in it, but more importantly for it not being able to trace down the mole. It almost resulted in a bit of an internecine battle where different agencies began squarely blaming others for the Mossad mole getting in. And finally, a coordinated mole hunt was initiated which met with a lot of resistance and confusing moves by Mossad in the begging, but with the help of NSA's Echelon monitoring system, FBI finally came withing striking distance. And that's when Mossad decided to get their bargaining chip to the hilt. 

Whole of the world knows today about the flirtations between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. But back then, apart from America's own intelligence services, it was only Mossad which had direct access to tapes that were enough to obliterate the President's already tarnished reputation. These included rather salacious conversations between the two, and Clinton apparently even warned Lewinsky of using secure communications as he feared her line might be tapped. But later it was discovered to everyone's surprise, the White House's own lines were tapped, ostensibly because it was an Israeli company that worked on the communications and because of which Israeli workers had unfettered access to all communication switch boxes! It is believed that through such access, Mossad was able to get their lined plugged into the White House's telephony, facsmile and Internet lines, and were able to record extremely explicit conversations between the two. When Mossad sensed the joint hunting teams closing in, Mossad in some way or the other, delineated the threat to White House. Not surprisingly, White House retreated and the hunt for 'Mega' was called off. Moreover, the news disappeared from all channels and rumor monger tabloids overnight. Poof! 

Meanwhile, the FBI, considering Clinton's decision as a blot on its own position, exhibited sheer temerity in pursuing Mega but in more subtle ways, until one day they realized the whole affair had turned otiose and with no relevant leads. Mega was now buried in the section of FBI's abandoned projects. Mossad had sent out the signal. Even the world's most powerful administration supported by the even more powerful intelligence apparatus was penetrable. Some believe that Mega was not an agent, but the 'Boss' himself! Who is this 'Boss' is which they're referring to, only Mossad knows. And it obviously shall remain a pretty closely guarded secret much like every other facet of this mysterious agency.

This article is a series of articles, all intended to outline some of the bravest feats Mossad has pulled off. For more, please visit the following links.

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