Saturday, 6 February 2016

How Baba Elaichi saved a dying blogger!

Mine is a very small blog with a very limited readership. My pageviews have hit an all time low, blogging frequency has plummeted miserably, and I've stopped blogging for brands and campaigns. My blog's domain renewal date was fast approaching and I was genuinely considering not going for a subscription renewal, thereby shutting down Project Disavowed forever. And then today, out of nowhere, BABA Elaichi, which is now a pretty formidable brand and has none other than Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador, roped me back into the arena by reminding me of a very paltry contribution I had made in the form of a blog post about 20 months ago when the brand was getting all pumped up. 
The post was an archetypal one with my usual enunciation of product features and benefits, with a tinge of blarney for some unique aspects here and there. But it was a genuine feedback nonetheless. Given how limited my blog's coverage is and how dismal its statistics appear at any point of time, I'm sure I wouldn't have attracted any more than 100 viewers from which hardly one or two would have given the product a try in the markets. But yet, despite that minuscule payout, they keep sending me their greetings and regards, and also samples of some of the newer products they keep adding to their repertoire. It does not matter to them that I pretty much failed them by not getting them much jamboree, and that my post is no more than another piece of authentic crap sitting on a random server over the Internet. For them, my association with them since the nascent stages of their brand is all that matters. 
So while these pleasantries may simply be a part of their engagement campaign, the fact that they continue to embrace their association with a whimsical blogger whose blog no one really reads, really means a lot to me. A lot more than they can ever fathom. They have dragged me out of my decision to shut down this blog and be back on blogging. I don't for how long I'd be able to hold on before I accede to the demand of the times, but yes, for the time being, I will continue to blog. Because it does not matter if no one reads the posts or if they don't benefit any brand in any whatsoever way. What matters is that the blog for once did allow me to establish a very unique and a very enrapturing relationship with a brand I now genuinely revere; not for the usual benefits, but for the enigmatic ways in which its trying to reach out to its patrons. Hope my writing stays afloat for a while before seething on the verge of vanquishing again. After all, hope and regular visits from bots on Russian and Ukranian porn sites is all my writing has!  

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