Monday, 18 September 2017

The quest for chaos.

One of the most overlooked subjects in the modern times is anthropology. We human beings consider ourselves the cognoscenti. The ever so mighty and ever so equipped race that has both the volition and the ability to single-handedly steer the course of the future. Truth be told, we have accomplished feats which were once deemed to be the wildest imaginations of a grotesque maniac. We believe we are the creators of the modern world, which is indeed the nirvana for all the successors who are yet to come. We believe every major move we have made in our lives interstices the gap between the plebian that we once were and the aristocrat that we now are. We attribute all the greatness and grandeur to ourselves, and all the leftover misery and all the jejune order of the world to mother nature. We believe that we should take great pride in the gargantuan structures we have made across the rivers and the peaks to protect ourselves from the wrath of nature, and should loather and disparage our own foibles in tackling the remaining streaks of the nature for all the mishaps that occur on these edifices. We are the great grand mighty race, always looking to exceed, looking to improve, aren't we? 

Well, to every man who has succumbed to the system, like me, the answer to the above seems very obvious. All our adulation does go out to ourselves and our feats, and all our chagrin is indeed reserved for what we are yet to do. But for some reason, the world's course post humans took over, doesn't really fit in if our own palpable view of ourselves were to hold true. Our moves are not in fact dictated by an unnerving urge to improve, but by an inexorable craving to extirpate the order we so dearly cherish! 

Picture this. Every great invention came with a substitute of a well functioning product or a concept. The existing solution was adored, with one or two well qualified cynics admonishing the masses for using the substandard solution, and the previous inventors for offering the same. They chastised the norms and made way for a better solution, and viola! a new miracle emerged. The new solution quickly usurped the older one. Massive industries dealing in the former solution are uprooted with many thousands of millions of people losing their jobs and receding to the alcoves of poverty. With time, the new solution becomes the new norm and with improved efficiency, it makes some aspect of human life more prosperous and convenient, thereby making it better for the standard average human being to survive and exist, resulting in greater predilection for more humans to feel elated and grow their species as a whole to further on the current prosperity. As our forefathers did this, we became more and more prolific as a race, with the rich-poor divide holding on the percentage facet diligently, resulting in the more and more overall poverty with a larger span, and more and more prosperity and convenience with a smaller span. So the percentage of the happy and impervious ones remained the same, with just the overall population increasing. 

Hence what held the pretense of making the overall situation better, simply made us become a much larger menace to manage than we once were. In a nutshell, what was ostensibly a great grand move towards improvement, was just a quest for chaos!

It's not that we do this unaware and are supposed to be caught by surprise. Every action of ours has an inherent unwanted ramification waiting to happen. What seems like the current "best choice" has repercussions so far and wide that we inevitably cause much larger tumult, obviously hidden from the normal eye, that they can make a large and unattended to sect perish into oblivion. Consider the invention example above. What seemed to the inventor as the next big revolution, unknowingly put many families out of business, some of which survived courtesy of being docile and hence adaptable, but most of which vanquished because of their belief in the order ensconced by the formal invention, which was extirpated in one single go. 

When we look at this phenomenon in day to day life, the same role play is replicated, minus the theatricality of the greater human pursuits. What seems like the best possible move in regards to our career, may wreak havoc in our lives and the lives of those impacted by our presence, for what is left of their lifetimes, in irreparable ways, beyond anyone's imagination. Or what may seem to be the right guy or the right girl, may not only turn out to be wrong for the spouse in consideration, but for the immediate and even the remotely related members of the connected family. 

This may seem like an inherent flaw of being myopic. But in reality, this is not another one of those fallacies we may again abhor and try to improve on. It's not that we are trying to ignore it and move on either. It is in fact an inextricable part of how we function as a collective species!

Entropy! All the actions of all the people result in changes to equilibrium. Some positives turn to negatives or neutrals, but as we move forward with our actions, and as we multiply and make ourselves a larger species as a part of which more people take actions today and hence there are more actions than ever taken by us, we are just causing more equilibrium changes every passing moment, than we ever did. The universal order may seem intact, but with every new action, more and more entropy is created, and more and more resistance is developed by us to surpass the dogma of considering its presence. We are a self correcting system in terms of how we impede contemplation with surreal ease. But that still doesn't discount the fact that we are the masters of this legerdemain already. Every action, every decision and every move made by you and me, makes things better for someone and things worse for many more. Thus every day you and I live and breathe, we just manifest this quest for harmony to us, which in real is nothing more than a quest for chaos!